Registrants vs. Attendees: High and Lows

I've been noticing a trend in our webinars this last quarter where we have high registrations, but live attendance just isn't hitting our benchmarks anymore. I've tried changing the start times to earlier and then later in the day, and revamped our reminder emails, but so far there has been minimal change.

Has anyone else been having this issue? Any advice on how I can get high registrations to translate to good live attendance?

No, but I can definitely relate to this from the other side of things. I've gotten into the habit of registering for lots of webinars that I will watch "if I am free" -- but that often doesn't pan out.

One thought here -- if you haven't already written something like this in your invites -- might be to try and make up the difference by encouraging more people to register for the on-demand/archive version:

"Can't make the webinar? Register anyways and watch on-demand later."

If you're integrated with your MAP, you could even make that a separate flow. (So they're not bothered with a lot of the pre-event reminders.)

Also, if you're integrated with your MAP, you might have more freedom to add a callout to a recent webinar(s) in your other marketing e-mails, or hit all of those people who didn't register with the webinars content in another form at a later date. (Whitepaper or summary.)

Same applies to your site. Where else can you drive people to register?

A final thought... some means of registering and then sharing the invite to another device, to watch on-demand on a mobile device later. I've made a personal effort to try and watch some webinars on my commute in on the train, but I think suggesting that -- and taking advantage of the fact that ON24 works well on mobile devices -- might also help drive on-demand or live views.

We normally see around a 60-65% registration to attendee ratio but I feel all target audiences are different and respond differently to reminders. We currently do 2 pre-webinar reminders sent directly from ON24. The first one is sent 1 day prior and the second is sent 1 hour prior. We use catchy subject lines like "You're all set!", "Are you ready?", "...only a day away!", or "Can't wait to see you!" just to get them to open and look at the reminders and add it to their calendars. Having the "add to my calendar" button is a must in the first few reminder emails and the registration confirmation email. I recently signed up for a webinar and actually got an email right at the start time asking my where I was (I only signed up just to receive the recording). Even though its not something we currently do I am looking at adding it because it was something that defintely grabbed my attention and got me to watch it right then. Hope that helps! I am looking forward to seeing everyone else replies and strategies as well!

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We feel we have to take our unique on-demand views into the equation as well. Many of our participants are folks who are not available during "normal working hours" to participate. Personally, I sign up for lots of webinars I hope to fit into my schedule, but know I can watch the recording if it doesn't. As long as we reach our audience one way or the other, I'm okay with it.

We see it all the time and most of the time, it's becuase we have a lot of registrations in the APAC region where people registered, knowing they can't attend and just want the recording. I wish ON24 had the analytic capabilities to report on attendance by region. As of now, I export an Excel and run a piviot table however it would be nice if it were in the dashboard so you could really take a look into the timezone of no shows.


Our marketing team attended a marketing conference this time last year and one of the key takaways was webinar preferences for attendance. Interestingly, Tuesday afternoons were the best time to deliver webinars to an audience.

For our company, we typically see 60% of registrants attend the live event - which I have been told is high - but for the most part, our members register for webinars knowing that they will be unable to attend, but will receive the on demand recording after the fact.

Do you have a high on demand viewership?

For webinars where we are pushing for a live audience, we offer and promote incentives - like Starbucks or Amazon giftcards - with the caveat that attendees need to both register AND attend the event in order to qualify for the prize. Sometimes this is done via or drawing, or by taking the first 100 people.

Hope this is helpful. Please let us know what worked for you.

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Hi! We are doing everything Jocelyn has recommended below and we are also ranking in the 60% range. I hope you see a bump in your conversion rate soon. Take care!

I have not had that kind of problem, but try to be more motivating when inviting the webinar. Maybe you notice some difference

Hi! We are doing everything Jocelyn has recommended below and we are also ranking in the 60% range. I hope you see a bump in your conversion rate soon. Take care!

We did not notice such difference and we are pretty well but one fact is that webinar are everywhere now so we need to cope with the people's time whcih is always scarce.

As someone who registers for webinars to watch later in the day and almost never attend live, I don't see this as much of an issue. Some people (or groups) simply don't have time during the regular workday to watch a webinar live, so they prefer OnDemand.

Instead of using that as a benchmark, I'd use overall views (which include OnDemand) because the goal should be having your content consumed rather than consumed at a certain time.

Haven't been seeing much change from our 45-55% conversion, but interested to see some more insights here.

We SMS our registrants with link at 60

min and again at 1 minute to powering up and that helps get last minute on the fences to show, plus competitions always help entice people

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We've offered giveaways to attendees. For example, we hosted a webinar featuring an industry thought leader. Being a published author as well, we promoted a drawing of attendees for signed copies of his book.

We try to change the times we offer them, as well as sending plenty of reminders.


We run around 40-60% attendee rate dependent on the topic. We haven't noticed an up tick in On-Demand viewersihp. We always let them know the register anway to view the webinar when it becomes available on-demand. We were giving away giftcards to try to entice people to register and view but that didn't move the needle enough to warrant the extra spend.

I have not had that kind of problem, but try to be more motivating when inviting the webinar. Maybe you notice some difference

We also try to give an incentive to attend, gift certificate, white paper etc.

My best attended webinars are focused on a regional audience at 10am. Seems to be a good time to engage people. Also, I use the 2 hour reminder.

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